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Key participants involved in the JHCR include: Jewish BRCA carriers, Jewish community organisations, national cancer organisations, companies offering BRCA testing, and organisations providing BRCA-related initiatives to Jewish communities overseas.

Jewish BRCA Carriers

A representative sample of Jewish BRCA carriers will be interviewed to explore sources of BRCA awareness and the BRCA testing experience in the UK.

Both MALE and FEMALE carriers can take part but TO BE ELIGIBLE, participants must:

  • have at least ONE Ashkenazi, Sephardi OR Mizrachi Jewish grandparent, AND
  • have a BRCA gene fault identified by genetic testing in the UK, AND
  • be over 18 years old and live in the UK

Click here to read more information about the JHC Review and what being a BRCA carrier study participant involves.

BRCA carriers who are interested and eligible to participate in the JHC Review are invited to click below and complete the form to register their interest.

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Organisational Participants

A sample of organisations from the Jewish, national cancer, and BRCA-test provider communities have been identified for inclusion in this research. Representatives from these organisations will be contacted directly by the research team to request information relevant to this research project.